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1. Open Calculator

2. Type in your birthday as MM * DD * YYYY

3. Copy the resulting number into Google Image Search

4. Click on Search Tools, Type, and choose Animated

5. From the top row of results, save whichever gif you want to loop on a small LCD screen embedded in your future tombstone

6. Reblog and add the image






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very small dog? puppy

very big dog? puppy

very young dog? puppy

very old dog? puppy

puppy? puppy

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life is hard when you’re an ugly girl that likes cute boys

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u know when u really like someone and literally every little thing they do is cute and no matter what face they make they always look perfect to you

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embrace asexuals

  • the ones who were simply born that way
  • the ones who became that way through abuse
  • the ones whose sexual orientation shifted that way over the years
  • the ones who like sex
  • the ones who think sex is icky
  • the ones who are repulsed by sex
  • the ones who couldn’t care less about sex
  • the ones who have no sex drive
  • the ones who have a fully active sex drive

embrace asexuals

all of them

every single one

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“There is a fundamental reason why we look at the sky with wonder and longing—for the same reason that we stand, hour after hour, gazing at the distant swell of the open ocean. There is something like an ancient wisdom, encoded and tucked away in our DNA, that knows its point of origin as surely as a salmon knows its creek. Intellectually, we may not want to return there, but the genes know, and long for their origins—their home in the salty depths. But if the seas are our immediate source, the penultimate source is certainly the heavens… The spectacular truth is—and this is something that your DNA has known all along—the very atoms of your body—the iron, calcium, phosphorus, carbon, nitrogen, oxygen, and on and on—were initially forged in long-dead stars. This is why, when you stand outside under a moonless, country sky, you feel some ineffable tugging at your innards. We are star stuff. Keep looking up.”

Neil Degrasse Tyson (via agelessdaughter)

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*oitnb theme song plays* *runs 3 miles* *takes 2 hour nap* *goes out to dinner* *comes back and takes a shower* *episode starts*

you’ve got time

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Wtf im going to feed my dog a chicken nugget


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i need a hot boy who thinks they’re really ugly so they think im out of their league but actually they are way out of my league

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when i go to the bathroom at night, i look in the mirror and think: omg zombies are real

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"Tying The Knot" Wedding Invitation.